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To complete your eco baby journey grab one of our beautifully designed accessories to match your style. We have premium wetbags, nappy change mats or reusable nursing pads to get you started. Plus our mess-free nappy liners are essential for easy change time.

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    Bamboo Fold-Ups $8.40 save $3.60(save 30%)

    Need just a little bit more absorption in your nappies? Sick of leaking nappies? Then this seriously versatile booster is just what you need. So many uses for disposable & reusable nappies, these are a must have item in your nappy change routine! Up to 6 layers of buttery soft bamboo fleece is the solution you have been looking for!

    Your secret weapon to no leaks!


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    Magic All Inserts $7.00 save $3.00(save 30%)

    Do you need just that little bit extra boosting in your day or night nappies? Want a little more time in between changes, then these Magicall Boosters will do the job perfectly.

    Made from 3 layers of our beautifully soft bamboo fleece, they are ultra absorbent but nice & slim so you can slide them into any cloth nappy for added boosting. Add to the inside of a pocket nappy, the outside of a night nappy or add one into your Terry flat nappies, these are so versatile! Hot tip: Fold them in half and add to the main wet zone. 

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  • Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes – 5 Pack

    Baby BeeHinds GOTS Certified, Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes are a gorgeous double sided cloth wipe designed with softness, practicality & beautiful on trend colours in mind. Made from an organic cotton terry on one side designed to pick up the mess & organic cotton velour the other side for smoothing & polishing. These are so divine on delicate skin you will want some in every bathroom, kitchen and change station.

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    Wetbag – Large $17.50 save $7.50(save 30%)
    aqua palsaquamarinebee minebotanicalsbush buddies

    These wetbags are your best friend when you have a baby. Leak-proof, smell proof, baby proof.  These will be your saviour from soiled, sticky messes when out & about. From nappies to swimmers, to explosive situations these wet bags will have your needs covered for years.

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    double pocket wet bags hanging up
    Double Pocket – Wetbag $18.90 save $8.10(save 30%)
    cherrydusty rosesummerlandvintage rosewild things

    This is the ultimate day out wet bag! Designed with the ability to store new & soiled nappies separately, this is a must have in your collection. Both PUL lined compartments, will keep things dry & smell free where things belong. Alternatively the front pocket is the perfect place to store wet wipes, wallet, swaddles .. you know those mummy essentials when out & about!

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    bulk roll flushable nappy liners
    Cloth Nappy Liners – 500 Bulk Roll $35.40 save $23.60(save 40%)

    Flushable Nappy Liners are made from 100% Pure Viscose. They are Flushable & Compostable, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly suitable for regular septic tanks. They make removing solids a breeze! We recommend flushing soiled nappies & binning wet liners to minimise the volume of liners flushed through the system.

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  • -40%Limited
    Nappy Liners – 50 Pack $5.40 save $3.60(save 40%)

    Nappy liners you can depend on

    These beauties make change time a breeze! Simply add nappy liners to each nappy, and when soiled they catch the solids & let the liquids through. Then just pop the soiled ones down the loo, and bin the wet ones!

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  • SaleLimited
    Mini Wetbag $9.10 save $3.90(save 30%)
    azurecoralflutterbysea greenwishes

    Heading out the door and just need something small to take with you? This Mini Wetbag is the perfect size to store your little ones Swim Nappy, Cloth Wipes, Breast pads or Cloth Nappy while out & about. Water-resistant, smell proof and super cute, this mini wet bag is the bag that keeps on giving!

    Not only is it great for cloth nappies but it is also a valuable tool in any parents baby items. Whether it’s holding your make-up, a sandwich, baby bottle or wet wipes this little wet bag beauty just keeps on giving! 21 x 21cm in size.

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    reusable nursing pads being held in hand
    Baby Beehinds Breast Pads $20.80 save $5.20(save 20%)

    Experience Baby BeeHinds own range of luxurious, reusable breast pads! Easy to use, super absorbent & so much nicer on those sensitive nipples! A small stash of these, will save your back pocket & your nipples!

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    bamboo fitted nappy inssert set
    Bamboo Fitted Nappy Insert Set $7.00 save $3.00(save 30%)

    Extra insert sets for our Bamboo or Hemp Fitted Nappy.  If you have lost your inserts, or want to freshen up your nappies, or even add boosting to a hemp fitted nappy, then these are the inserts for you.

    Only 31 left in stock

  • -20%Limited
    little squirt nappy sprayer
    Little Squirt Nappy Sprayer $72.00 save $18.00(save 20%)

    An easy to use, mess-free, FABULOUS way to make rinsing your dirty nappies easy!

    This high pressure hose and squirter gun attaches & removes easily from your toilet and makes dealing with those nasty messes super easy. Simply attach to your external toilet tap/cistern and you’re away. No plumber required to install. This high pressure nozzle will remove your solids from inside your nappies. Simply hold soiled nappy in toilet bowl and squirt downwards.

    In stock (can be backordered)

  • -30%Limited
    reusable menstrual pad trial pack
    washable menstural pads different sizes
    Ecopads Trial Pack $49.00 save $21.00(save 30%)

    These washable menstrual pads are a game changer for the eco mumma. You won’t find anything softer against your lady bits than these period pads. Fabulous for postpartum bleeding or your monthly period you will never go back to disposable pads again. This trial pack is the perfect place to start with 1 of each size pad to get you started.

  • -10%Limited
    Calendula Nappy Change Cream $14.35 save $1.60(save 10%)

    This gorgeous nappy rash cream from Weleda is designed with the beauty of natural ingredients, plus the added kick of zinc oxide to combat nappy rash. The Weleda range all are specially formulated to protect your babies sensitive skin. This is a super rich cream with skin friendly ingredients like lanolin, organic almond oil, organic calendula & chamomile extracts and a little goes along way.

    Only 3 left in stock

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    baby organic cotton swaddle wrap
    Swaddle Wrap $15.00 save $15.00(save 50%)

    One of those must have baby accessories, our gorgeous new Swaddle Wraps are designed with the best for your baby in mind. A generous 120cm x 120cm they make the perfect wrap, blanket, sun protector for every parent & baby.


    Buttery Soft, Organic Cotton designed with your little one & practicality in mind.

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  • -10%Limited
    Weleda Teething Powder $19.80 save $2.20(save 10%)

    Seriously this stuff is amazing! The natural alternative for teething bubs for the relief of the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children. Helps calm and soothe naturally. This stuff is like baby heaven and will have your little babe soothed in no time.

    Only 8 left in stock (can be backordered)

  • -10%Limited
    Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash $16.15 save $1.80(save 10%)

    Weleda Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash (200ml) is perfect for your babyâ€â„¢s delicate hair and skin. It is the perfect balance of cleansing moisture and the kindest care in our softly lathering shampoo and body wash.

    In stock

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